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Virtual Visits

How to prepare for an online doctor appointment

Dear Patients,

We will be moving over to Zoom as our Virtual Visit interface. This should provide for better connectivity and ease of use. Please find below instructions on how to download and connect. As a reminder, the Clinic is still open for in-person visits, so please call the office to book the visit best suited to your needs. Most insurance companies cover virtual visits, including Anthem, Optima, Tricare, United Health Care, Aetna, Medicare, Cigna (as of 03/27/2020) and Anthem FEP.

  1. A mobile device (i.e. an iPhone or other smart phone) or a computer with video and audio capabilities is required.
  2. Please download and install the app (for computer or mobile device), by following or typing this link:
  3. It is not necessary to register with Zoom once you download the app. The office staff will provide you with the providers “Person Meeting ID” when checking you in before your appointment.
  4. Once you download zoom, Open Zoom. It is not necessary to sign in or sign up. You can simply select “Join Meeting”
  5. Enter the provider’s Meeting ID and place your name in the box at the bottom (if you are on a telephone it may say “Iphone” or “Android” – if that’s the case, remove what ever is written by default and write your name in that box).
  6. You will be placed in the provider’s waiting room.
  7. The provider will admit you into the virtual visit when he or she is ready.
  8. If you are on a phone, please select “call via device audio” (on some devices, it may say “connect to internet audio.”) On the computer, select “use computer audio.” If any pop-ups request access to microphone or video, please hit “ok.”
  9. After the visit concludes, please tap your phone screen if on a mobile device, and select “Leave” on the top right corner of your screen or bottom right corner for computers.
  10. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact the office at 757-523-0022.