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Concierge Medicine

Personalized, boutique care for each individual patient.

Concierge Care Without the Retainer

Blackwood Family Medicine compares to a concierge medical practice in that our primary care doctors view every patient as if they were paying members in an exclusive club.


Wellness and Preventive with Concierge Medicine


A common focus of a concierge medical practice is encouraging and implementing wellness and preventive care routines for patients.



Boutique doctors who provide boutique medicine coach patients about making better lifestyle choices.

This might include incorporating good nutrition and a regular exercise program–both key steps toward healthy living. Combining these with your annual or maintenance health exam gives you the boutique medical care often reserved for the wealthy.

A woman’s body goes through many changes after having a baby. Returning to your pre-pregnancy physical shape is often a priority for many women but it is only part of the process of recovering from childbirth. Studies show women who choose to breastfeed often return to their pre-baby weight faster because they burn more calories when breastfeeding, between 300-400 calories per day.


Personalized Care by Concierge Doctors


Your doctor will provide you with preventative and comprehensive care similar to the medical concierge services offered by exclusive concierge doctors, but without the associated fees required by concierge practices.


Annual Health Exam

An Annual Health Exam is a detailed review of your body systems and how they are functioning as a whole. Your doctor will discuss with you whether additional testing will be required after your exam. Learn what we covered in an Annual Health Exam and you’ll see why it’s so important.

Nutrition Review

Healthy eating is critical for a healthy body and mind. Every cell in your body depends on the nutrients it is fed. Make sure that every bite counts-consider what you put in your body and from where it comes. Learn more about nutrition or weight loss by scheduling an appointment with your family doctor.

Exercise Program

A plethora of unhealthy conditions can be blamed on inactivity, including:

  • Back and joint pain
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Increased levels of stress

Any exercise, from walking a few minutes a day, stretching or yoga, weight lifting, or swimming, to long-distance running, can be very beneficial to your health. For advice on designing an exercise program, or for an exercise prescription, make an appointment with your primary care doctor.


“Concierge Physicians” for the Mind – Personal and Professional

Additional Medical Concierge Services

Mental Health


Emotional, social, and psychological well-being are all a part of your mental health. If one or more are out of balance, leaving you feeling sad, afraid, or worried, it is important to speak with your primary care doctor for guidance about a thorough mental health evaluation.

Blackwood Family Medicine practitioners are experienced in recognizing and treating a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, ADHD, post-partum depression, autism, marital/family counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, and psychiatric disorders.

If you need a referral for psychological testing, long-term counseling, or psychiatric care, our staff is available to help you make arrangements and will always follow up on your care.


Healthy Living

Balance and moderation are key elements for healthy living. This involves multiple factors that include physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual fitness. These are vital components to your overall well-being.

Blackwood Family Medicine suggests a few starting points to get you on the right path.

The local YMCA offers membership to individuals and families with something for everyone. Check the branch nearest you for classes such as yoga, spinning, swimming, rock climbing, aerobics, weight training, and so much more.

There are many local running, golf, or sports clubs, as well as bike shops that often sponsor area events, and offer expert advice for beginners or help if you need to develop your skills.

Recreational organizations are very popular offering a wide selection of games and sports to participants. From football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, track, and dancing to water polo and ultimate frisbee. Joining a club can be an excellent way to promote accountability and consistent athletic training.

Volunteering is a tremendous way to socialize and does wonders for your mind, spirit, and community. Churches, schools, libraries, nature parks, museums, disaster relief groups, and pet shelters all rely on volunteers to keep operating.

Remember to take time on a daily basis to take care of yourself. Exercise. Spend time with friends and family. Plan quiet time. Plan leisure time alone or with others. Maintain a balanced diet.

Healthy Working


The idea of the traditional 40-hour work week–Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week–helps lead full-time workers toward a balance of work and home life. But in today’s high-tech society, work often follows us home, extending our work demands to all hours of the day or night.

As our two worlds collide, we often forget to keep that home vs. work balance in check. But there are ways to turn off the distractions so our minds and bodies don’t fall prey to the pressures.

Don’t forget to take a break!

Whether at work or home, on occasion, stop what you are doing; inhale; exhale; then walk away for a few moments (that includes walking away from your cell phone). Go for a quick walk. Read a book chapter. Listen to music. Visit a neighbor or co-worker. Pray or meditate.

The object is to do something completely different from the work you were just doing.