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Effortless healthcare experience is what medical concierge services provider aim to provide.

Patient-centered attitude, financial strength, reliable treatment and care, and focus on prevention are the core philosophies of this branch of healthcare.

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Patient-Focused Care

Patient-focused care is the cornerstone of medical concierge services. Concierge medicine is primarily modeled after a membership archetype.

The concierge doctor gets a scheduled fee (whether it’s monthly or yearly) to support the medical amenities and services not usually found in most general healthcare offices.

These features include same-day medical appointments, 24/7 doctor access and responsiveness, and extended office visits, and home visits when necessary.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the best practices concierge healthcare providers adhere to. These include boosting preventive services, small-scale operations to bolster a healthy (no pun intended) doctor-patient relationship, and unobstructed access to medical amenities and check-ups.

Offer Superior Healthcare Experience

Established medical concierge services providers always provide a superior patient experience. At the patient’s choice, whether it’s through email, text, or phone, access and communication to your facility are vital.

Concierge physicians don't do rushed consultations because they can focus more on each patient.

Extensive consultations, wherein the patients don’t feel rushed, undervalued, or taken for granted, also significantly contribute to the success of a medical concierge practice.

Before, most medical practices operate within the physician’s benefit – not the patient’s. The operating hours must adhere to the physician’s schedule, even details such as closer parking spaces for the physician’s advantage were followed.

Nowadays, with concierge medicine, patients get a superior advantage. Efforts to better the patient experience begin from the moment they pull up to the clinic’s parking lot.

Small-Scale Operations. Broad Services for Each Patient.

Usually, a concierge practice only has one physician; it’s the ideal way for a medical concierge services clinic. A smaller scale operation equates to a more focused, personalized care for the patients.

Concierge physicians wouldn’t have to do hastened consultations and rush their patients in and out of their office – which can create room for errors when diagnosing the patients’ conditions.

What they lack in numbers, concierge clinics make up for in established, lasting patient relationships they create.

Retainer Payment

According to a book published by Dr. David Winter called Service Extraordinaire: Unlocking the Value of Concierge Medicine, monthly and annual retainer fees significantly help concierge clinics.

Charging a patient a retainer fee and billing them for additional services they require is the standard financing model for practices. On the other hand, concierge clinics can also charge a higher retainer fee and no supplemental bill for any other services.

The retainer fee billing model helps concierge practices generate more income than a standard primary care practice. Additionally, when physicians don’t have to see as many patients as they can just to generate income, they can focus more intently on the number of patients they see – generally providing superior service that the patients deserve.

Care Coordination

Another best practice for concierge clinics, according to Dr. Winter, is care coordination. How medical concierge services physicians manage the specific treatment patients need is an essential aspect of concierge medicine.

Concierge physicians must communicate, coordinate, and oversee the specialized treatments needed to provide care for the patient.

Boosting Preventive Care

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is always better than cure – and concierge practices operate under this important philosophy. Medical concierge staff reviews their patients’ records and see when someone is due for a vaccination, mammogram, or other scheduled check-ups and treatments. They will then reach out to the patients and request for them to come in.

A standard medical practice, because of the higher number of patients they see, usually don’t have the time to reach out to patients and offer the preventive care and services they require or that are overdue.

Final Thoughts

All physicians are sworn to provide the most excellent healthcare to their patients. However, certain aspects of the healthcare system have proven to be a hindrance in achieving this goal. Thus, more and more traditional medical practices are transitioning into a concierge medical practice.

The rise of medical concierge services has paved the way for patients to get timely and reliable access to the high-quality medical care they require.

This advantage is especially vital if a patient needs continuous care and treatment. For more information about our medical concierge services and how they can meet your health and wellness needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.