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We care for your family’s health like our own through urgent care, pediatrics, women’s health, annual exams, and total body-mind care.

Caring for your entire family like our own.

Founder Robert C. Blackwood, M.D., has been serving patients in the Virginia Beach / Tidewater area for more than 30 years.

Blackwood Family Medicine provides personalized healthcare for your whole family. Their physicians, nurses, and staff are dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect and compassion.

Family medicine is complete healthcare.

Finding a high-quality family medical practice that is local is convenient.

Getting excellent healthcare — for all ages — treating pediatric to senior citizen concerns, and for the whole body and mind, from head to foot, is more than convenient.

It is complete healthcare in one location.

Family Physicians

Blackwood Family Medicine strives to be your family’s primary care medical provider. Our family physicians cover services that include:

  • Wellness and Preventive Care
  • Annual Health Exams
  • Physical Exams
  • Chronic Disease Management including Diabetes
  • Pediatrics
  • Immunizations
  • Women’s Health Care

Diabetes Doctors

Diagnosing and combating diabetes requires continued education regarding the most recent research findings and treatment methods available. The family doctors at Blackwood Family Medicine are your diabetic doctors, ready with the latest information on managing your diabetes.

Our Care Philosophy

When you are choosing a personal physician or medical practice to treat the most intimate concerns for your health and well-being, you do not make that choice lightly.

  • You want a highly credentialed, board certified doctor.
  • You want an experienced general practitioner.
  • You want personalized attention for your specific needs.
  • You want a relationship with a doctor you can trust.

When you choose Blackwood Family Medicine as your primary care provider, we will deliver what you want and more.

We deliver with Dr. Blackwood, Board Certified in Family Medicine since 1984.

We deliver with our doctors and nurses having more than 30 years experience working in the family, emergency, obstetric, and women’s health care fields.

We deliver personalized care by taking a “whole body and mind” approach to healthcare.

We deliver integrated care by coordinating with other providers, hospitals, home care, and specialists.

We deliver quality administrative services from appointment schedulers to billing and insurance coordinators.

You may have heard the term concierge medicine or as it is sometimes referred, boutique medicine. By definition, concierge medicine is when a patient pays a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee or retainer to a primary care physician for preferred treatment.

Patients receive a commitment from the concierge physicians to limit their practice size in order to devote extended availability to member patients. There may also be additional charges on top of the retainer.

Concierge Medicine is thought of as an option to traditional healthcare. You pay a membership fee to the provider directly and have unlimited services – there is no third party payer.

Blackwood Family Medicine is NOT a boutique medical practice but the services and personal care our patients receives make it feel like boutique medicine. See details on our Concierge Medicine page.

Wellness and Prevention Care

  • Annual Health Review
  • Nutrition Review
  • Exercise Program

“Concierge Physicians” for the Mind

We provide personal and professional care designed to help you achiev a good balance of body and mind fitness – the key to good mental health, healthy living, and healthy working.

Your family doctor at Blackwood Family Medicine can provide you with resources for learning to reduce the stresses and achieve balance between your work and home life.

Urgent Care Clinic for Your Immediate Care Needs

Always call 9-1-1 or go directly to a hospital emergency room if you are unstable or have a serious injury.
An urgent care clinic will not be properly equipped to diagnose or treat serious conditions.

Blackwood Family Medicine can deal with most ambulatory injuries and illnesses and often on the same day you call for an appointment.

Although not a true urgent care clinic as defined by the Urgent Care Association of America, we offer similar services for our established patients.

This allows our suddenly injured or ill patients a chance to see their primary care physician when they are most in need.

immediate care

Blackwood Family Medicine is not a typical general physician or internal medicine practice. We are also an urgent care clinic.

We are excited to offer many services for treating established patients that includes urgent care. There is no need to go any further than your medical home base for your health care necessities.

If we are unable to care for your urgent condition, we will refer you to a more specialized physician or direct you to the closest hospital emergency room.

Urgent care is closer than you think when you are a patient at Blackwood Family Medicine. Our practitioners are expert diagnosticians and provide compassionate care when you are often feeling your worst.

Urgent care services we provide for mild to moderate health concerns include:

  • Cuts, bruises, and burns
  • Fever
  • Colds and Flu
  • Bronchitis
  • Suturing (or stitches) for minor lacerations
  • Accidents (sprains, strains, etc.)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Allergic reaction (not anaphylaxis)
  • Infections (urinary tract, sinus, etc.)

women's health

Same Day Appointment Options

The scheduling staff at Blackwood Family Medicine sets aside several appointment times each day
so that patients can be seen immediately if needed. We suggest patients call early to request a same day visit.

By offering extended daily office hours our patients have better options for planning appointments
that don’t interfere with workday schedules.

Pediatric Physical Exams

Newborn exams are performed within the first week after birth to establish a medical records for your infant. Well-baby exams follow at regular intervals to record milestones and initiate the immunization process.

School exams are required by some public school districts in order for children to start or stay in school.

Football Physicals

For middle and high school players to participate in school sponsored football programs, a physical must be performed using the forms provided by the district.

Other Sports Physicals

For athletes participating in other organizational activities, bring the appropriate forms to your scheduled appointment.

See the Physical Exams page for more details.

General Adult Physical Exams

The annual adult physical is the best measure of your health and the changes your body experiences throughout your life.

By monitoring your health via your annual physical you may be able to fend off illness or disease processes that establish over longer periods.

Your family physician will examine and document:

  • Vital Signs
  • Body Measurements
  • Body Systems
  • Gender and Age appropriate testing
  • Lab and Blood testing

Your annual physical is the best time to receive adult vaccine updates, flu shots, pneumonia shots, or a shingles vaccine (only one is needed for elder adults).

Our Experience

Blackwood Family Medicine wants parents to know that as a center for primary care, our doctors and practitioners are well-trained for treating the entire family including children from newborn to teens and beyond.

Our expertise comes with years of practical experience delivering, diagnosing, and caring for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. Our nurturing bedside manner helps your young one feel comfortable during their visit to the doctor for kids.

What We Treat

We diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries that are non-emergent such as sore throats, conjestion, fever, cuts or lacerations, sprains, and general boo boos.

We also provide well-visit services that include immunizations, vaccine updates, school and annual physicals, and much more.